Frances Spencer Exhibit November


I wish to share with my WAV friends and others that I have received a Puffin Foundation Grant to fund an exhibition of my paintings, themed “Peace and Love Will Save the World,” to be held the month of November 2017 at the WAV Gallery in Ventura, California. The grant is awarded in consideration of quality of art work as well as volunteerism contributing to the local community.

As a long-time artist resident of Working Artists of Ventura (WAV) I am grateful to all who have supported and encouraged me in my career pursuits, especially Chris Velasco and Elizabeth Bowling, the founders of PLACE and WAV who made it possible.

Frances Spencer

Artist-resident of WAV

July 30, 2017

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Harvest cafe gets solid support!

There was a great supportive crowd on Friday evening at the Harvest cafe now getting started at the WAV’s north retail space. Great way to bring in the new year 2017 for the residents of the WAV and guests of Jai Rhythm Yoga – and of course the entire Ventura community.

Harvest cafe specializes in healthy fare which will include personal pizzas made with gluten-free buckwheat and sweet potato crust – was surprisingly delicious! They served wine and beer with a vegan bowl of chili topped with a sunflower crusted chip. For those who refrain from wine and beer there was plenty of in-house-made water kefir infused with lavender.

There’s more on the menu to come, but if Friday night was any clue of how things will be developing, it will be a wonderful addition to the WAV complex for years to come. Look for more soft opens coming soon – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Pictured above are the owners, Robert and Rica. Photos by Sarah Kalvin

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Frances Spencer – 2016 Events

A painting by Frances Spencer was juried into the Casa Gallery’s group exhibition by the Summer Solstice Committee during the month of March 2016 to coincide with the Santa Barbara Solstice parade and festivities.

On June 9, 2016, Frances Spencer was awarded First Place for her Haiku poem. The award, a geode with her poem engraved on it, was presented to her by the Poet Laureate of Ventura County, Phil Taggart,  at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Ventura County Library System held in the EP Foster Library, Ventura.


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WAV Artists Group Show

Elegant group show at the WAV Theater Gallery for the months of July and August. Organized and installed by Sarah Kalvin. Photos by Sarah Kalvin

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The Santiago Express

Great party for Santiago Salazar at the WAV Theater Gallery, March 5, 2016.  Keep on chugging. Photos by Nicole Salazar.


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Mosaic displayed at WAV for First Friday

The Anacapa and Mimosa is 24 feet wide and 7 feet tall. The monumental mosaic completed by Larissa Strauss was displayed at the WAV Theater Gallery March 4, 2016. The mosaic will be installed at a private residence in Ventura. Congratulations Larissa, another exceptional piece added to your prolific resume.

Larissa’s public works can be seen at the Museum of Ventura County and at the entrance to Marina Park. Both in the city of Ventura.


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JeanneMarie’s 95th Birthday Celebration at WAV

JeanneMarie celebrated 95 years with family and friends March 2, 2016. She is a WAV resident, musician and painter. Violin is her passion. When asked what she thought of her party, with a joyful smile she replied, “It’s a dream!” She commented on how much she loved living at the WAV, and that she is always greeted kindly, with respect and smiles from all WAV neighbors.

Happy Birthday to you JeanneMaria! May you celebrate many more to come at the WAV Theater Gallery.

Photos by Christopher Judges.


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WAV Artist Vivian Sky is 2 years old!

Happy Birthday Vivi! All of us at WAV were glad to see you at the Theater Gallery enjoying your special day with all your friends and family. It has been so much fun watching you grow into a creative and happy little artist and resident of WAV.

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WAV is Six Years Old! Happy Anniversary to Us!

It was a special evening celebrating WAV’s 6th anniversary with all the WAV residents old and new. And a special treat having cocktail tables this year – great idea Nick! And thanks to Vonder who stepped in to continue the Elephant Gift Exchange this year. Looking forward now to all the pleasant surprises that year number 7 brings us.

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Fundraiser for Mossy Foot Project

Mossy Foot is Podoconiosis, also known as nonfilarial elephantiasis and is a disease of the lymph vessels of the lower extremities that is caused by chronic exposure to irritant soils. The Mossy Foot Project came to the WAV to raise funds so that children can wear shoes and avoid this horrible disease. For more info visit:

Kids from Kids’ Arts traced their footprints and decorated them for the kids in Ethiopia who suffer from Mossy Foot disease. 8×10″ prints of the art can be purchased at Very Ventura gift shop on Main Street, downtown Ventura. 75% of sales goes to the Mossy Foot Project where special shoes are made for kids and adults. The prints are made by Kids4Kids. Visit for more information about the project.

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